Vision And Mission

WAKO India Vision & Mission



To be one of the best Kickboxing Federations in Asian Continent by 2022.



  • To promote, regulate and govern Kickboxing Sports in INDIA.
  • To develop a self esteem, disciplined, well educated and healthy young generation.
  • To play the sports in true spirit and fair manner.
  • To set-up Kickboxing Training Academy across the country.
  • To institutionalize the best sport practices and abide by the Rules & Regulations of WAKO (IF).



Our values create the sense of purpose to ensure Fitness, Health and Wellness. We take immense pride in our values which are critical to WAKO INDIA’s long term success.




We are accountable for using and developing our individual and collective capabilities to achieve outstanding results both for the individual, the community and for the Federation.


Synergy and Teamwork:


We work together collaboratively to achieve our strategy in a spirit of cooperation, support and valuing each other’s skills and contributions.




We fulfill our responsibilities to be leaders in our professional discipline through the application of best practices in a scientific, caring and committed way.




We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards and fairness. We never take advantage of a privileged position for personal gain.




We honor sensitively the values, rights and needs of others and embrace the diversity provided by each individual, irrespective of culture, orientation, race, class or gender.




We constantly research, create and develop new solutions to deliver outstanding results for our student-athletes, partners and society.